Some statistics lost in OMP

I have installed the OMP platform again due to a mistake made and I have had to load all the publications again. There were not many but I had to start over. I have never before activated statistics for each of the publications and now I have enabled it in this installation, which will be the final one. Now I am observing that some of them have the stats visible, but others say they are not available yet. Why does that happen with some posts and not others? Sorry for my English…
The URL press is the IAA Digital Editions

Hi @Webrodleir

It’s hard to say for sure without seeing your before and after databases, but OJS and OMP base statistics on the id the publication. I don’t know if you removed the old publications or just added new ones again, but if some of those ids were reused some how, your old stats might be getting used by the new additions.

Stats are stored in the metrics table of the database.

How did you install OMP again? Did you empty the database first?


The loss was caused by an “accident” in the manipulation of the OMP update, the deletion of the database that did not correspond and a damage to the backup copy that I had saved and I lost. Without a doubt, a serious mistake on my part, which has led me to install the entire OMP system again. Now, I have everything installed again, with all the publications the same as before, using the same URL’s. Likewise, I do not understand the reason that some statistics are seen and others that are not seen. Thank you for your response and I hope to see those statistics again, taking care of the case. I will looking for any document or post about it. Again, sorry for my English.

I can´t belive it! All the statistics are working fine! I don´t know what´s happend…
Only one book can´t see the statistics…

Glad to hear that it’s sorted out. I will close the topic. Feel free to start new topics if you have more questions.