Some problems with subscriptions after upgrade to

Hi @asmecher I am keeping you busy…

First a question. The menu item in the dashboard does not show a pull down menu like for example the settings and numbers link do. Is this intended? I mean you can not access a tab straight away.

Also the label is now “Payments”, should it be “Subscriptions”?

Under subscription policies the pull down menu under “Open Access Options For Subscription Journals” is empty. It should probably have the options for the amount of months for the embargo? I updated the template to the stable, but still the same.

Hi @asmecher,
So the pull down menu issue for defining the embargo length is a small bug, I will do a pr in a minute.
edit: Fix delayedOpenAccessDuration settings pull down by ajnyga · Pull Request #1799 · pkp/ojs · GitHub

The other issue here is still unsolved.

As I said above, enabling the payments will show a single settings link in the left side bar, and the label is “Payments”. That is linked to the payments tab in subscription settings.

I think that it should include a submenu for the links to the tabs there. If this is ok, I could do a pr.

Hi @ajnyga,

Sure, that would be consistent with the other menus. (I’ve merged your other PR linked above – thanks again!)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

First of all I wish you success in your work. I tried to install the tsvSite theme for OJS 3.x, but I did not succeed. plugins / themes folder. But I could not activate it. I need your help on how to activate it. Thank you for everything. You’ve done a great job.


Note that the theme is not meant for single journals. It is a site level theme.

What exactly did you do when you tried to activate it?