Some errors after installation

Hello, thanks for take your time reading.

First of all my configuration:
Ubuntu 16.04
Mysql last version
PHP 7.0
All the PHP 7 packages installed.
Creating journals and users work perfect. So, the DB its working ok.
500GB HDD.

My site’s main language is Spanish, but I have these problems:


When I use English, the site doesnt show those errors. How can I fix it?

also I have this error when I try to upload the logo or a PDF file:

The file could not be uploaded or revised.

I made the store folder in /var/storeojs and it has 777 (Just for try) and still doesnt work. I already modifed the php.ini to upload bigger files. But still I cant upload anything.


Hi @sgarcia,

These are not errors. These are missing translations. You can ‘fix’ them with adding translations, the easiest way using translator plugin.

Regards, Primož

How can I install a translator Plugin?

Hi @sgarcia,

The plugin should be avaialble in the plugin galery, isn’t it?

Regards, Primož