Some email template variables not populated with values after OJS 2.4 -> 3 upgrade

After upgrading from 2.4.5 to 3.1.0-1, email notifications are being sent OK and variables like {$authorName} or {$reviewerName} are rendered fine, and the editor signature at the bottom of the email looks fine, but a few such as the {$recommendations} variable (where a review decision is expected to appear in a Review - Request Revisions notification) just appear as plain text in the sent email.

Is this a case of old templates retaining missing / obselete variable names? A missing form field to populate a user-entered decision? Where’s the best place for me to get visibility over the different variables I can populate with emails and how that interacts with eg. a review decision form?

I haven’t wanted to click ‘reset all templates’ yet but if that’s a good way to ensure all variables will be compatible with definitions in OJS 3 then that’s a possibility…

If anyone has any insight I’d really appreciate it! Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I couldn’t see another question addressing this exact issue.

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