[Solved] Translate new navigation menu item

Hello everyone!

I’ve created a new menu item through the dashboard of OJS, but unfortunatly, i can’t find a way to make it be effectively translated when the user decide to change the system language on the main page.



After i’ve change the language:


summarizing, it is possible to translate the field “normas para publicação” into the OJS system with the translate plugin, or through any other way? My OJS is the 3.1.2 version.

Hi @alvyn,

Thank you for your question. You’ll have to manually enter the English translation of the Navigation menu item you created. I’ve provided instructions below:

Please click Edit on the Navigation menu item

The Edit window should pop up. Click the title text box a second box should appear, it will be initially blank, this is where you would need to put the English translation of “normas para publicação”

Now when you go to the your journal’s main page and toggle between languages the translation should appear.

Please let me know if this does not resolve your issue.

Kind Regards,
Patricia Mangahis
Public Knowledge Project Intern

Hi @pmangahis,

Thank you so much! Because of your answer i could realize that there should be a field under the local language field.

My project was not showing it, so i went to the language menu and select everything (only the “user interface” field was selected).

After that, the english field appeared and i could translate it properly.

Again, thank you so much!!!