[SOLVED] Sidebar display problems with existing journals


I’m making this topic because i didn’t find the exact match for my problem. Here it is.

After migration from 2.4.8-2 to 3.0.2 the sidebar start behaving weird. Some of the existing journals have problems to display item in sidebar: In the webpage configuration area there is only “make a submission” button and i have activated several plugins to show there. Other journals see those plugins so they can be displayed in the sidebar.

New journals have no issues at the moment, this happen only with some of the existing journals. The platform runs with highest level so permission is not an issue so far. I have to double check the logs in the afternoon to be sure.

An explicit issue is with the language area. New journals and some of the old ones can display the languages so visitors can change it. Other journals can’t, this happen only with some of the old journals.

This is what i see on new journals:

And this is on old journals:

Help, please.

It is probably this issue: Move block plugins to unified sidebar upon upgrade · Issue #2310 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

See also OJS 3.0 - Choose language & Search at the index page - #26 by asmecher

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That is a quickly response!

Thanks ajnyga, seems that it is the issue, yes. I will run the code in the afternoon because i don’t have access to the server right now. I hope it works, users seems to be happy with the results so i hope it works for me too.

Thank you, have a nice day!.


Problem solved, Thank you!!!

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