[Solved] Problem with scheduled conferences

Problem with scheduled conferences.
Created conference site: http://conf.jest.su/index.php/profstd/index/index
All settings are made, all fields are filled.
Created 1 scheduled conference: http://conf.jest.su/index.php/profstd/t1/index
configured, schedule created.
But on the main conference site it says:
Current conferences
No active conferences. Please look in the archive if you are looking for past conferences.

What conference settings do I need to make a scheduled conference appear in the Current Conferences list?

Hi @alex_harlamenkov,

Check the dates on the conference timeline form.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Scheduled conference scheduled for August 16, 2019
Here is the link: http://conf.jest.su/index.php/profstd/t1/schedConf/schedule

I understood.
The problem was with the date “live”.
Thank you for your help.