[Solved] [OJS 3.1.2] Can't edit Author Guidelines properly

After upgrade from 3.1.1, there’s a whole bunch of new text about sections of the journal on the Submission page that, annoyingly, also ends up in the metadata. It is just below the first four paragraphs of the Author Guidelines section and appears as if it is included in them. But, on the page to edit Author Guidelines that new text is not even there and thus can’t be edited. See screenshots. Anyone know what I can do to fix this? Screen-Shot-SubmissionPage Screen-Shot-SubmissionPageEdit

Never mind about this. I solved the problem. I found in the list of bug fixes for our upgrade that one of the bugs was that Section Policies weren’t displayed anywhere on the front end. It seems that the fix was to have them show up on the submissions page (which makes some sense, since authors need to select a section for their submission on that page) and in the metadata (which doesn’t seem to make any sense). Since we had already put the section policies on a static page that is linked to in the Author Guidelines and the back end ones were obsolete, I just deleted them in Settings > Journal > Sections.