[Solved] [OJS]Sending mails not working via "Add reviewer" or "Unassign reviewer"-button

Dear community,

I have a problem with sending mails in OJS When I am in the Review menu and want to assign a reviewer to a submission via the “Add Reviewer” button and the template REVIEW_REQUEST, then this mail is not sent. Also no mail will be sent after clicking the “Unassign reviewer” button. In the event_log database the events are created correctly. However, if I send a mail to the reviewer directly using the “Email Reviewer”-button, it will be sent correctly.

If I select “Reset all Templates” in the email settings, then the sending of the mail works afterwards. I recently modified the mail templates and deleted some templates in the email_templates_default database to have a manageable email menu ([OJS] Disable/delete unneeded mail templates completely? - #3 by adm_sub). I suspect that I made a mistake.

Is the best way to select “Reset all Templates” and then readjust the templates we edited? Or is there another way?

Many thanks and best regards,

I have been able to solve this problem.