[SOLVED] OJS 2.4.6: Stats and Reports country, region, city are missing

As the title states whenever I export a .csv the columns for country, region and city remain blank. I assume that OJS fills these by doing a whois on the logged IPs. I can see those IPs in the log files but still the database seem to lack info on those three. What to do?

Hi @D_Schroeder_Micheel,

Have you installed the geo-location database? See:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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GeoLiteCity.dat was indeed missing. Do I have to move all log-files from usageStats/archive/ to usageStats/usageEventLogs/ so that they can get processed now?

I am a little lost…

Yes, the logs must be reprocessed. If you are running the autoStage process, the location of usageStats/usageEventLogs should work. Alternately, move your logs back from usageStats/archive to usageStats/stage and they will be reprocessed.

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Thanks a lot! I put them into usageStats/stage just to be sure.

Worked flawlessly. Thank you very much!


Same problem here, but in OJS
GeoLiteCity.dat link is broken.

Where can I find it?

Tarcisio Pereira

It is a long shot, but try the new version from MaxMind’s GeoLite2 City:
If the new database format is compatible with the old database format (unlikely), this might work.

MaxMind has apparently discontinued the old database format.

There are some sites which are mirroring the last release of the old database, for example: https://mypresta.eu/news/geolitecity-dat-download.html
I have not validated this download in any way other than to confirm that it can be downloaded.

If the new database format cannot be used with MaxMind’s old library, we’ll need to retool this if we want to retain the feature of processing geographic regions for IPs.

@ctgraham help me please!!!
I have OJS and I need to see the statistics, I already installed statistics through OJS and he told me that I install it well, then I activated it and the statistics button appeared in the menu bar but there are no indicators or anything inside, everything throws me empty, I checked the metrics table and the geo location fields are with NULL value but the rest of the fields do have data, so I proceeded to download the GeoLiteCity.dat and unzipped it into usageStats but still it does not show any graph in the statistics. What else should I do or how can you help me, help please.

I do not understand this step, I think that I still have to do it because I can not visualize the statistics after I install the plugin,
I mean what files and what route I’m going to move, because I think I do not have the same routes that you talk about, I use OJS

After adding the GeoLiteCity.dat file, you will need to re-process all of your old usage statistics log files in order to add the geographic location information into the metrics table.

Hi @ctgraham

In ojs3.
All I need to do is just adding the GeoLiteCity.dat file, or something else?
I’ve done and reprocessed one log file, but no location added in database.
Is location suported in ojs 3?

Tarcisio Pereira

This is also dependent on the configuration of the “Optional statistics information” in the Usage Statistics plugin.

Settings → Website → Plugins → Usage Statistics

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Friend @ctgraham
I tell you that reprocessing everything as you indicated me, now there are records in the geolocation fields of the metrics table, but the graphics are not displayed on the statistics page, can you help me? will you know what can happen?

That’s quite distinct from this original discussion. Can you open a new thread specific to this problem? Feel free to tag me there, and be sure to share specifics of what OJS version you are using and what exactly you are seeing.

Hi @ctgraham

Solved by reprocessing.

Thank you,
Tarcisio Pereira.