[SOLVED] Keywords below abstract OJS

Is it possible to put keywords below abstract in OJS


for the default theme, without modification of article landing page template or CSS - not possible: ojs/article_details.tpl at ojs-stable-3_1_1 · pkp/ojs · GitHub

The easiest option to do this with CSS:

.main_entry {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;

.item.keywords {
  order: 1; /* anything here except 0 */

If you are using plugins that incorporate in the hook below the abstract, it is better to point order for all elements.

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Great. Thanks a lot.
I use Manuscript theme. I will try and let you know.

It did not work on Manuscript theme. Nothing changed if I put that order is 1,2,3,4. Any suggestion?

Hmm, just checked, should working. Did you introduced new HTML markup there?

Are you familiar with Google Chrome or Firefox developer tools? Can you look at styles that are applied after modification for .main_entry (the whole abstract block) and .item.keywords (element that contains keywords)?

When I put value 2, 3 and 4 I have got keywords below references
Please advise.

I suggest include order property to direct child elements of .main-entry, e.g., .references. The value would be the order of that element just like you see it. You can practice here: Tryit Editor v3.6

I’ve found the manual way to put keywords below the abstract section in http://ramli.web.id/2018/08/23/mengubah-posisi-abstract-dan-keywords-artikel-pada-ojs-3/.

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Thanks. It works.