[Solved] How to Remove "Download this PDF file" Text

@asmecher, I’d like to remove the text : “Download this PDF file” in OJS 2.4.8. The main reason for me to do it, just to make sure that no robots would download PDF files automatically. Please find the screenshot of the thing that I am asking for.


Thank you for your kind assistance.

Hi @Ikhwan_Arief

If you do not use any plugin for the PDF display/view, you will probably need to remove these code lines:
for article galleys:

for issue galleys:

If you use pdfJsViewer plugin:

If you use googleViewer plugin:


Thank you @bozana, will try each of those files. I am pretty sure that I did not install extra plugins, apart from the ones with OJS 2.4.8 from PKP. No harm in exploring isn’t it? :smile:


@bozana, it appears that I activated the pdfJSViewer Plugin from generic plugins. That one solved the problem.

Thank you very much for the support. Superb!