[solved]How to install a plugin?

I use OJS 3.0.2. I want to use the addthis pluging. I DL it from github and uploaded it in the plugin folder.

After looking on the forum, I can’t find how to make it active (neither how to make setting)

My 2 questions are:

-How to install properly a plugin?
-Could you addthis in the FAQ?

Hi @giby

A comprehensive experience in plugin install is described in this thread:

FAQ will contain commonly asked question but we may consider add “addthis” plugin in a section if necessary. Thank you for suggestion.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Make sure that the name of the plugin folder is just “addThis” not “addThis-master” and that you move it under the “plugins/generic” folder.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

So I did it… No effect yet…

So, at the moment you have the addThis plugin in plugins/generic/addThis and it is the latest release from here: Releases · pkp/addThis · GitHub and you have unzipped the contents.

Now, if you go to Settings => Website => Plugins, you can not see the plugin in the list there?

In FAQ I haven’t found a general question about standard plugin installation. AddThis is the one I try to install… But I guess process is the same for most of plugins

Thanks :slight_smile: Found and enable :slight_smile:

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By clicking the blue triangle in front of the plugins name you should see a link leading to the plugin settings.

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Thanks… I can’t find what I try to set… but it is an issue of the plugin, not of OJS
(I would like to remove the G+ button and add a Researchgate button…

i did what you said but it shows me an error: command tar not available config config.inic.php can you help me to solve this i dont know why it produces

Hi @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad,

I responded to your other post here. Please don’t post the same content multiple times – it clutters the forum!

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