Solved)How to hide certain sections from the article page from non-subscribers?

I want to show few things only to subscribers (those who have paid). Just like galleys which are only accessible to the subscribers. I am using OJS 3.1

Did you check how it is done in the OJS 3 original templates?

I missed this!. Lemme put this in the site and confirm back.

It didn’t work some how. I added {if !$hasAccess} after abstract ends in main_article file in the jatsparser plugin.

Do you want to limit access to article text? If so, you’ll need to put all article text inside this tag. Don’t forget about the closing tag.

I did the same only. Added {if !$hasAccess} at the same place mentioned by you and closed the tag at the end. The funny part is, that the subscriber is not able to see but everyone else is able to see it. I want to hide everything below the abstract from the general public and just show it to the subscribers.

Got it. Had to remove ! from the code