[SOLVED] How to avoid multi language journals to display blocks in the default language, even if you select another one

I have a multi language Journal. The default language is Portuguese (PT), and additionally we setup English(EN) and Spanish (ES). When I go to Home/User/Journal Management/Journal Setup I’m able to select the Form Language in my PT, EN or ES.

If I enter some description in “Journal Homepage Content” translated in each language accordingly and hit save, the behavior is:

  1. When I go at the Homepage and the default language (PT) is selected, the “Journal Homepage Content” appears only one time, in the correct language, but
  2. When I change the language to another one that is not the default (like EN or ES), the “Journal Homepage Content” it’s being displayed twice, first in the alternative language (EN or ES) and below it shows in the default language (PT in my case).

I would expect to see only the content for the Language I choose.

Something similar occurs in the ToC. When I have documents in more than one language.

Is there a way to avoid the content for the default language being displayed when I have already an alternative content provided for another language? Does OJS 3.1.X handle languages in a different way?


Please, cancel this post. I fixed the issue. I saw that I entered the Journal Homepage Content for default language in the Journal Description and the additional languages in the Additional Content. When I set all at same block, when language changes, it will shows only one.