[SOLVED] HELP! memory overflow on OJS

recently I was getting system messages on my email, that certain service (lucene) was not or was stopped, checking with the server manager where I have stayed, he told me that the OJS system is having memory overflow, which causes having to reboot the server because the processes including commented search (Lucene) are frozen, someone can guide me more about what might be happening?

Hi @alienmau,

Those messages must be server-level – can you post the exact messages or include a screenshot? I don’t think this is an OJS problem, probably either a service-level glitch (PHP, Apache or Lucene) or too low a limit somewhere.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I thing the problem was solved, the thing was that in that server it was running another repository (DSpace) that use a search engine of solr but with tomcat and monitoring the activities, I realized that the configuration of Dspace (solr) that uses the same java, reserving much memory space, then having both repository one running under tomcat and another apache (OJS) for some reason the server was saturated, what we ddid was adjust the configuration of both apache as DSpace repository and seems it is working as well.