[SOLVED] Display of License OJS 3.1.0-1

We use Manuscript Child theme for journal. We noticed that the CC license text is displayed fully. We would like it to be displayed as link only., There is no need to take so much space on page since authors are anyway obliged to accept it and readers can find information on license in footer and other places.
I suppose @NateWr is the best person for such issues.
Please advise

Hi @vvucic, can you share a link to an article on your journal where this appears? I might be able to provide some quick CSS to hide it for you. Otherwise, you may need to use a child theme and override the template.

You can see article here:
You will see that license is too long and occupy too much space on page.
Just notice on license
I will be more than happy if it will be like here:

Thanks in advance,

Hi! @vvucic
Your additional detail comes from copyright notice. You may shorten your copyright notice (in Setting>Distribution>Permissions) and link with additional detail to another page.


Oh , sorry, I overlooked that. Thanks for pointing me to that detail. I worked on that many times but being tired rendered me not to see all details.
Thanks again.

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