[SOLVED] Author names and keywords not comma separeted in Turkish interface of OJS 3.3.0-8

Hi all,

We have just implemented OJS 3.3.0-8 for a journal that is published articles in Turkish and English. Both language locales have been set. In the English interface, author names are given with commas between them as is expected. However, when we switch to the Turkish interface, the system brings a dash sign between the author names. This kind of punctuation change is seen between the keywords too. The following screenshot illustrates our problem. Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem?

English interface SS

Turkish interface SS

First install Translator plugin:

  • Settings - Website
  • Plugins - Plugin Gallery (Eklenti Galerisi)
  • Translator plugin - Install (Özel Dil Eklentisi)

Use the plugin and add missing translation:

  • Setings - Website
  • new tab item: Translate (Diller)
  • select tr_TR language and edit
  • find lib/pkp/locale/tr_TR/common.po and Edit
  • find common.commaListSeparator
  • clik on it and add missing translation (, )
  • Save
    Translator plugin (Özel Dil Eklentisi)


Editing common.po file - common.po dosyasını düzenleme

You can do the same by editing the Turkish “common.po” file.

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Thank you, @kerimsarigul. Works fine.

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