[Solved] Assign admin privilege to default/first user

Hi there,

I have installed the 3.1.0 OJS version and I’m trying to assign admin privilege to the first user created in the installation steps.

From the ‘users’ mysql table I have the ‘user_id’ = 1 and in the ‘user_user_groups’ table I have the following relations: user_group_id = 1 → user_id = 1
user_group_id = 2 → user_id = 1

If I understand correctly, my user is already assigned to admin (to user_group_id = 1), but in my Administration panel I can’t see “Site settings” function.


Hi @Tzontonel

Apparently your user relations are correct. And first created user (install moment) is a superuser by default or a “journal admin”.
This issue your are talking maybe is related to some other kind of question.
If you see in your admin panel menu an “Administration” item, then your are using a super user.
Could you please check your php error log server and your console log browser and check messages related to the moment you attemp see this menu item?
And could you share a screenshot of issue you are facing?

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

@israel.cefrin Thank you very much for your assistance.

I downgraded to OJS 3.0.2 version and the problem persist, can you assist me with the PHP error log server output?



P.S. I’m using PHP v5.6.32

Hi @Tzontonel

Site settings options are in “Settings” menu item. Doesn’t this item show its options when you hover it? Or when you click it it does not load?

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

My mistake, I was confused with the sub-item menu ‘Site settings’ that appear below ‘Hosted Journals’ sub-item. But this sub-item appear when I create the second journal. For one journal, I need to access the ‘Settings’ menu item.

Thank you very much. Solved topic!

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