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We are team of scholars and we want to establish a journal through PKP. We are the beginners and we need detail guidance about this. i hope we can get your valuable suggestions.

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Hello @shakirsoc,

Thank you for your interest in OJS and PKP. If you are beginners, I would encourage you to have a look at several of our resources:

  1. A great starting point is our documentation hub: - in particular the Learning OJS 3 guide there, as well as the Administrators guide (if you are planning on hosting on your own) will be most relevant for you.

  2. You may also wish to check out the PKP School here and enroll in one or more of the courses: This one in particular might be relevant: Setting up a Journal in OJS 3.3 – PKP School

  3. If you are interested in paid hosting services for OJS, you may wish to check out our service provider directory:

These resources should present you with a better overview of what’s involved in running a journal using OJS.

PKP Team