Slow performance when publishing or modifying large submissions on OMP/OJS

Describe the issue or problem

When attempting to publish or modify a submission that contains multiple or large files (exporting the submission results in a 700MB export file), the operation seems to takes an excessively long time to complete (up to 1 minute 30). It appears that the interface is unnecessarily waiting for a completion confirmation, the page can be refreshed during this time to show that the action has been completed.

Steps I took leading up to the issue

  1. Access a submission that contains multiple or large files
  2. Attempt to publish the submission or modify the publication files
  3. Wait for an excessively long time for the interface to show the operation have been completed
  4. Notice that refreshing the page during this time show the action have already be completed

What application are you using?


Additional information

I have observed that the size of the submission on the server increases significantly when numerous changes are made to the files (since each version is kept as a file history). This appears to be causing the slow performance although normally the file history should not have any influence on individual file changes or submission publishing. I have not experienced this issue with smaller submissions. No error message is displayed.

Hi @ErwanBo,

This is really an issue and it has been fixed on OJS 3.4.0, which is going to be released in a couple of weeks.
OJS 3.3.x isn’t going to receive the fix, as it requires a lot of breaking changes.

Jonas Raoni

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Thanks for your comment @jonasraoni, we will update to version 3.4 soon.

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