Sitewide privacy statement error: Navigation menu disappears


Using OJS, we are testing the sitewide privacy policy functionality for our journals, but I can’t get the navigation menus to work properly. The problem is that the menu item dissappears entirely from the page when I switch to Swedish (see pictures below if unclear what I’m referring to). I have entered the policy in all available languages, including Swedish, so it’s not that it’s missing. I can also access the Swedish version if I switch languages from the policy page.

Another odd thing is that this problem seems to appear in the journals that have migrated from version 2.x, but not in the ones that were created in version 3.x. For the migrated ones, we have had to create the menu item “Privacy policy” and add it to the primary menu manually, whereas the newer ones have the menu item by default.

Does anyone have any idea what could cause this behaviour? Perhaps it has something to do with the Swedish translation somehow…

English menu:
Swedish Menu, should have a menu item called “Integritetspolicy”