Site setting language doesn't hit checkbox

`when I open Setting --- > website ---> language 

and check on the checkbox of the Submissions , UI and Forms it doesn’t work so i can not add articles as there is no language to select .
I turned the depug on but there is no error !! `

anybody can help me please

Hi @Nourhan_Khaled

Hmmm… What OJS version are you using? What do you see in the apache error log file and in the browser web developer console when you try to do that?


There is no error in error log i use ojs 3 fresh installed … When i check on it notify me saved with no change.

Hmmm… Could you post how does your language settings then look like now?


When i check on Submissions give me that with no changeerror22

Hmmm… very strange… :thinking: What OJS version are you using?

My journal Ojs 3.0 fresh installed

Please upgrade your OJS installation to version 3.1.0-1.