Site configuration

Installed latest stable OJS on IIS 7.5 with MySql for testing. Page structure is not appearing properly, seems CSS are not applied on the pages.

Please help!

Hi @ranjmanish,

so did you install the latest 2.x version or did you take one of the 3.x pre-release versions for a test?

If there isn’t any CSS applied to the browser display, please try the following steps:

  1. Open the page in your browser and go to source code view.
  2. Search for all occurences of <link rel="stylesheet" href=
  3. In the source code, you will find a URL at these positions. Click on each URL and check whether the CSS is displayed properly, so that there’s no error 404 or a blank page. (If you use firefox, you might also be able to use the “Element Inspector” tool from the context menu (right click) to see whether all CSS files load successfully.)

If one of the CSS links show an error, please check on your server that the file exists and that it is readable by the webserver user, i.e. wwwrun:www.

[quote=“ojsbsb, post:2, topic:12843”]
bserver user, i.e. wwwrun:ww

Thanks for the response.

Sorry My Mistake. It was due to IIS configuration. Now it is working fine.