Showing TOC in the Home Page


We are using the latest version of OJS (3.1). We customized the appearance by adding a CSS along with the bootstrap themes. It has a carrousel and other features. My question is that once you publish an issue the TOC would come down displacing our design or sendint it to the bottom. I don’t see the option “Add the TOC for the current issue in Homepage”, as it was in the Setup # 5 step of the OJS 2.4. So, maybe I’m not searching it right but it’ll be of a great help if you can tell me how to deactivate that option.

Thank you very much!

to the best of my knowledge there is not such option in OJS3, but you can simply deactivate showing toc by editing the template files. if you use bootstrap theme, its on the line 72 of the “\plugins\themes\bootstrap3\templates\frontend\pages\indexJournal.tpl” file. if you remove or comment it, the toc will not shown on home page.

Thank you very much Azerilatama! We’re gonna try it and see if it works. We’re using the Manuscript-Child Theme, but I guess the solution should be the same, isn’t it?

yes, it same, but Manuscript-Child Theme use the core template files, so i suggest to copy the “\templates\frontend\pages\indexJournal.tpl” file to “\plugins\themes\defaultManuscript\templates\frontend\pages\indexJournal.tpl” path and edit it (which is its line 70), to avoid changing the OJS core.