Show title and subtitle of each submission - OJS 3.0.2

I have a question regarding the information about the titles and subtitles of the submissions that are shown on the emails (either to confirm the submission or to inform the authors about the editor’s decision).

Here is an example of that we have in one of those emails:
«Dear {$authorName},
The Executive Editorial Board of {$journalName} reached a decision regarding your submission, "

Is there any way we can add the subtitle in the same message? (with something like - I don’t know, just invented it - {$submissionSubtitle}, or something that goes for it).
And can we see it as well when we click on “Tasks” or follow the article throughout the submission process?

I’m asking this because our journal has a lot of thematic numbers, and most of the articles have similar titles but different subtitles (and as you have, in the submission form, a separate field where the authors can add the subtitle, it would be better if we could see it along the entire process and in the emails, so we can know what article are we dealing with and where - in the submission process).

Best regards.

Hi @Alina_T,

There’s a similar thread about OMP that should be helpful – when reading it, mentally rename “monograph” to “article” and it’ll apply equally to OJS.

Off the top of my head, this ought to be a single line of code, and I’d be happy to merge it for the next release if you can send in a pull request.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team