Show "revisions requested" and revision reminder dates in the submission status bar and dashboard

This request is from a PKP|PS client.

They would like to be able to easily see the date when an editor requested revisions from an author. Currently, the only way to find this out is to go to “Editorial History”. They would like to add the date to the submission status bar, as follows.


The client is also interested in having reminders available for authors to submit their revisions (as described here in Github) and including the “Reminder sent” dates in the submission status bar along with the “Revisions requested” date.
Ex. Revisions requested 1 May 2021. Reminder sent 15 June 2021.

They would like this to be visible on the dashboard, e.g. you can see if reviews have been submitted / or are overdue (circled below), can we also see “revision requested dd-mmm-yy”


Is the user story for this something like this?

As an editor
I want to know when revisions were requested
so that I know if the author’s response is overdue

If so, it might be better satisfied by revision submission deadlines. Information about the deadline could then be surfaced (eg - “revisions are overdue”). That is filed as a feature request here: