Show more issues on landing page

Only the current issue shows on home page.

Is there a way of enabling all issues to show on the front page with expandability to show all articles?

Using OJS and Bootstrap 3

No, there is no way, and I don’t think this user interface would make sense. Why?

  • It would severely hamper SEO and indexing by search engines: Since expandability requires JavaScript that loads the articles dynamically, and bots are not able to process JavaScript, bots will not be able to harvest and index the individual articles.
  • It would hamper UX: Preloading hundreds of articles has a huge performance bottleneck; the journal page would become unresponsive. There are journals served by OJS that have thousands of articles.
  • It would hamper UI/UX: The user would have to scroll through long pages. Even worse on mobile devices.
  • For the end-user, it would break the expected user behaviour of e-journals that is known since their advent. Just have a look a journals of large and small publishers and you will always find the same navigation structure: The current issue and an archive or list of issues, that can be drilled down by year/volume/issue . Why change this successful model?

I would rather prefer an additional search option (such as the one offered by ACS Publications, that offers also to search by citation (e.g. journal, volume, page) if one clicks into the search field.