"Shortcut" for publishing finished PDFs directly in an issue

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I am pretty sure that I am not the first one with this question, however, searching for “shortcut” and related did not provide much information. So my apologies if I reopen an old thread, in that case please just point me to the one related.

For our first issue of www.jrfm.eu, we have some contributors that are not really familiar with the use of a sophisticated system like OJS, and besides, the installation was not complete yet. So we decided to create the final PDFs in the way of the well known procedures (mailing etc.)
I ended up with a perfect issue, separated in 16 PDF files (from cover and titeling via various content to calls for papers, each separately) .

I used the submission feature of OJS to upload them, switching to the respective user account, and used the Editor access afterwards to upload them as galley files. I am now able to have a preview of the upcoming issue in the Editor role that can be viewed using the [ Editor → Future Issues → Volume involved → Preview ] feature.

However, it seems that I can not skip the steps that OJS wants one to follow - assigning a copy editor, a layout editor, proofreader etc. And each of these actions needs a reply from the person involved.
Basically, I would need now to define my own account as each of these roles for each article separately and to push every single paper all through the process step by step … GEEEEEZ !
Although this is absolutely helpful if you follow the defined process from the very beginning, in our case it is … errrr … time consuming.

And even if it might be possible to “publish” this issue, the files still show up in [Editor → Submissions → in editing]. Probably not how it is meant to be.

Is there a workaround or a shortcut to get to an issue ready for publishing without shipping through all these stormy waters?

Or do I think far too complicated?

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The shortcut is the Quicksubmit Plugin.

This should add a few extra keywords, such as bulk load and batch import, for future searching.

Hi @Jesaiah,

During start-up, before you’re ready to fully tackle the workflow, @ctgraham’s suggestion is a good one. Since you’ve already started with the regular submission process, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops, but the news isn’t bad. You don’t need to run through all the workflow steps; only a few are required:

  • An “accept” decision needs to be recorded in the Peer Review area
  • The submission needs to be scheduled against an issue
  • The issue needs to be published.

At that point the submission should disappear from the Editor’s “In Editing” queue and jump into the Archive.

In particular, the Copyediting and Proofreading areas are frequently not used by journals if they don’t find it suits their workflows. You’re free to pick and choose the parts of these you want to use, though they’ll be presented regardless.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you both very much for these absolutely helpful answers!

I am sort of flabbergasted by the possibilities of this system - I find new aspects every day, however, I am pretty sure I will have some more questions to ask …

Have a great day, and thanks again

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  • The production-ready version must be uploaded as a galley under “Layout” (in Editing)

As per: