Shibboleth Plugin in OJS 3



I have some questions concerning the shibboleth plugin in OJS 3.

  1. In multi-journal installations, I can enable the plugin and open the plugin settings on the site (admin) level. In single-journal installations, I cannot enable the plugin on the journal level. I get a notification that the plugin is enabled, but the checkbox is not checked and I cannt access the settings. A bug?

  2. Do I still need to set up the entries in in OJS 3?

  3. The version number does not seem to be correct:

  4. In OJS 2, implicit_auth (in could be set to “optional”. Has this option been removed in OJS 3?



Yes, and apparently longstanding one:

I don’t think so. I only see references to plugin settings in the Handler.

Alec bumped this to a 1.0 release in master, but we probably don’t want to package it as a 1.0 release until the above bug is fixed.

Yes, this plugin is “all or nothing” currently.


Thanks, Clinton!