Shibboleth Auth in OJS 3.0.1?

I did an update to our OJS Installation to 3.0.1. It works fine, but now i want to configure Shibboleth Auth for the site. Shibboleth already works (just created a shibboleth protected folder at the webspace (Apache Module))
Now i tried to configure implicit Auth in, but nothing happens - i just get the “normal” Loginpage - Are there changes to the Apache vhost config also necessary?

Thanks for any advice

The implicit authentication infrastructure is currently being re-written for OJS 3.x and is not yet available.

Track the progress (or delays in progress) here:

I’ve been quite distracted lately by non-PKP projects, but it really is on my radar!

Thanks for the explanation. Looking forward to get a working OAuth plugin :slight_smile: - We didn`t have this function till now, so we can wait.

What OAuth provider(s) are you hoping to target?

I would like to connect our journal to our Shibboleth IDP (and also to open it for Interfederation IDPs, so that members of other universities can easily take part in our journal)

Ok, so I’m reading your primary interest as “implicit authentication” such as Shibboleth, as opposed to an actual OAuth implementation (which is different). Both are on the to-do list.