Sharing files in the Notification dialog from uploaded files


I would like to thank the OJS team for their valuable work.

As a journal manager (and editor etc), I use Notify dialogue to inform authors about the copyediting/proofreading requests. It became very functional to me after customizing the email templates. It is very functional at Copyediting and Production stages. It generates a discussion dialogue and the author can upload the checked layout file via discussion dialogue. Unfortunately, when I make a copyediting request, the authors usually make the corrections on old revisions of files. Although the email message includes a link to the submission, the authors might not find the layout/copyedit version of the manuscript. So, I need to open another discussion and send the layout file again.

Is it possible to integrate “file upload/select file” function to the Notify dialogue? I really need this function and will be really grateful to you.

Best Regards,
Dr. Ugur Kocak