Several revision or reviewer files posted in OJS2, only the last one visible in OJS3 after upgrade

We have recently upgraded OJS from 2.4.8 to but have a problem with revision and reviewer files. A submission will indicate that for example 3 revision files have been submitted (typically a revised manuscript plus cover letter, etc), but when we check the revisions under the Review-tab, there is only 1 file available with a (3) behind the filename. All 3 files are still stored on the server. There are similar problems for reviewer files (see the attached pics). Is there a way to make all files available to editors?



This is a known issue,

See for example [OJS] Updating to OJS3 - revision files and initial copyedit files missing · Issue #2097 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub , [OJS] upgrade - missing reviewer files from the grid · Issue #3502 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and [OJS 3.1] Migration from 2: multiple reviewer uploaded files collapsed into one · Issue #3789 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

The bottom line is that although in OJS2 user interface it looks like the reviewer can upload several separete reviewer files, this is actually not the case. They were treated, on database level, as revisions of the same file. I know, very confusing and probably most of the OJS users did not notice this.

But it means that when upgrading to OJS3 they are treated as revisions of the same file and therefore only the latest is shown in the grid. You can access them (I think) by clicking the blue triangle and by clicking “details” (I think).

Thanks! Can’t find any “details” though.

hmm, was it “More information” then. I think I have seen someone say that they do not see the files even there. In our case we upgraded way back in January 2017 using 3.0.1, so not sure anymore what changes have been applied to upgrade of those files. In any case, they are still seen as revisions by the upgrade, as you noted in your own case.

Yes, the more information modal doesn’t show anything either. I guess we’ll just have to help the editors with the few submissions that were in process during the upgrade.

That is probably the fastest way if you only have a few.

See this issue concerning how to show the different revisions: Provide access to previous revisions of files in files grids · Issue #2130 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

In our case this has not been a big deal anymore, because it has been long since the upgrade. There are no more submissions made in OJS2 that are still in the process. But hopefully issue 2130 will be resolved in some point so that in the old submission all the reviewer files can be accessed more easily.

I have got the same problem with OJS
I checked the files this link, but apparently they are the same.
It seems to me that DAORegistry :: getDAO (‘SubmissionFileDAO’) is not working;
Could you help me?