Setting up Shibboleth (or any other SSO system) authentication for OJS 3.1.1

I’ve setup a new OJS instance at Lehigh University on a server running Debian Linux 9 “Stretch”, and I’m trying to setup SSO so I won’t have to create individual accounts for all my users and give them all another password to remember. For previous OJS 2 instances, I’ve used the LDAP plugin, but from what I’ve found searching online it seems the LDAP plugin hasn’t been ported to OJS 3 yet. I’m happy to use Shibboleth instead, but I don’t understand how to configure it. I see the implicit auth variables in, but I don’t know what the variables in there mean. Is there any documentation I could read on what these are all for? And perhaps how to configure Apache’s shib2 module to work with this? Any example configuration or documentation I could look over would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is the “Shibboleth Authentication Plugin” that I see in the plugin gallery required for this to work, or is that for something different? I tried installing it, but it refuses to be enable properly. If I could enable it, I imagine I would be presented with some configuration screen, but right now I am not. A pop-up window in my browser claims that it was successfully enabled, but the “Enabled” checkbox remains unchecked.


-Chris Creswell

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I’m in the same boat as you and was curious if you ever made any progress in enabling either Shibboleth and/or LDAP authentication.