Setting Up back issues and migrating PDF files

Hi there,

I have just installed OJS on my server.

I have about 10 issues dating back to 2005 that I need to migrate to OJS. Articles are in PDF.

How do I set up back issues using OJS system?


AQM Editor.

Hi @hi2019

Instead of setting up a new OJS and copying old content to the new server, you should consider upgrade with a migration. That means copying required staff from the old OJS server to the new one and performing upgrade.

Look at the documentation at the, especially Managing the Server Environment

Regards, Primo┼ż

Hi Primozs,

I should have said the old journal is hosted on Wordpress and I need to copy the issues from Wordpress to OJS. So I am not migrating from old OJS to new one, rather from Wordpress to OJS.


The processes for importing back issue content is outlined in the documentation here: Data Import and Export

Basically, you have two options - the Quick submit plugin (the easiest) and the XML import. You need to have the PDF files out of wordpress and be able to deal with them separately in order to import them into OJS (e.g. have all of the PDFs from vol. 1, issue 1, etc.)

Thanks for the tip.
Shall try it out.