Sending mail to multiple recipients

OJS 2.3.6 (sadly). At the point in our workflow when an editor is tempted to accept a paper, we would like her to be able to send email to all the editors, inviting their opinions. As yet I didn’t figure out how to make a button that will compose mail to multiple recipients. It doesn’t work to create a dummy user whose email address is a list.

Thanks, Brendan.

Hi @bdm,

This is regarding a newer version of OJS and a slightly different task, but I wonder if this post has the information you need about how to make a button to send email to multiple recipients? If it is not relevant, let me know and I will keep looking.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Amanda. The comments in that post let me add an “all editors” option to the notifyUsers page very easily, but after a few days of trying I have not been able to achieve what we really need. I’m sure it is because my understanding of how the many source files communicate is too primitive.

Let me first mention that in the meanwhile we successfully upgraded to 2.4.8-2.

Now I’ll describe what we would like. Actually I’m confident many journals would like to have something like this. On the sectionEditor/submissionReview page, after the Peer Review section, we’d like a button that sends an email to all people with ROLE_ID_EDITOR. It doesn’t matter whether the email editing window sits on that page or opens in a new page. The number of editors is less than the max_recipients configuration option.

The email should be initialised with subject and body from a prepared email with article-specific stuff like title and abstract. Of course we know how to make prepared emails.

This seems pretty close to things already done in many parts of the software, but so far I have failed to achieve it. Any hints would be welcome.

Thanks, Brendan.

Hi @bdm

Workflow emails tend to go to a limited set of recipients – e.g. messages “to the editors” tend to go to all assigned Section Editors, and if there are none, all assigned Editors.
Who is assigned to the submission in your question ? Or do you want override assigned editors and send to anyone with editor role in whole journal? What issue do you intend fix with such feature?

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Israel. This is not a bug but a request for help with a step that it is part of our work-flow. We have about a dozen Editors and no Section Editors. I have verified that ROLE_ID_EDITOR correctly identifies the group of people concerned. Our work-flow is:

  1. One Editor is assigned to the article.
  2. The assigned Editor completes the Peer Review process and rejects the paper if that is his/her opinion.
  3. If the assigned Editor thinks the paper should be accepted, he/she asks all the Editors to look at the article.
  4. If nobody objects to the article being accepted, the assigned Editor accepts it.

A lot of mathematics journals operate this way; I’m not sure about other fields. At the moment step 3 is missing. What I been trying unsuccessfully to make is a button “Ask other editors for comment” that composes an email like “I think article <title, abstract, url> is good and I’ll accept it if nobody objects.” and sends it to all the Editors.

Thanks, Brendan.