Sending email all users or reviewers in ojs 3.02

I would like to send an email to reviewers.
Is it possible to send an announcement through email to all the enrolled users or reviwers?


Hi Gökmen,

Just to clarify, do you want to send an e-mail to all reviewers registered to a journal or all reviewers assigned to a particular submission?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for your reply.
I want to send an e-mail to all reviewers registered to the journal.

Thnaks again



Hi Gökmen,

In OJS 2.x it is possible to send an e-mail to multiple users in a particular roles from the enrolled users page or by using the “notify users” function. However, I’m sorry to say this functionality is not available in OJS 3.02. There are plans to include it in a future release but I am not sure of the timeline.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for information.


Is there a workaround, such as obtaining emails from the database? We were counting on an end of year appeal!

Hi @reflections,

Do you want to send a message to all users? If so, I believe you can make an announcement and then all users will receive a notification of the announcement. It will also appear as an announcement on your site. Otherwise you can use a tool like PHP MyAdmin to export user data into a spreadsheet and then another tool, such as Mailchimp, to send out the message.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for your respond. Yes, I want to send the message to all users. However, I have not found any solution yet.
I will try your suggestions.

Hi, I would like to add my voice to a call for the ability to email all users by role and all users. This is an important need for journal admin. Using announcements to do this is unsatisfactory, because the announcement becomes public on the website - even if for a day.


I already published the winter issue of our journal with OJS and the initial announcement of the publication didn’t go out to all registered users. How can I notify them of the publication of this issue now? From what I can tell, using the announcement section doesn’t work because they appear on the journal site per se.


But I think using announcement is the only way to auto alert all users through email in the OJS but it will appear as “You have a new announcement from this site” and a link give.

I think maybe you can change the email Template in setting>workflow>emailTemplate then search the notifications template. Because you just want to use this once to alert users for the new issue. After you’ve made the announcement then you can change back the template back to normal.

Hope this will help you, if not just ignore this.


Hi, this is a basic requirement that is urgently needed in OJS. Announcements are an unsatisfactory method for the Managing Editor to contact users by role or all users for administrative or other matters.

What is missing here? Can no one at PKP see the need for this? Please contact me so that I can explain in more detail.

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We had problems as well with notifications not going to all registered users, in the sense that they showed up in the user’s spam box in some cases and in some cases were even blocked by university security procedures (university of michigan). However, it turned out that this problem was only when the person who sent the announcement wasn’t logged in as a user with our primary email address PKP did something with the SPF address for that email that has eliminated that problem. It only happens when notifications are initiated by someone signing in from another university. I woke up early this morning thinking that we need to do for everyone one of those users or everyone of those user’s universities the same thing done for CSUOHIO.EDU namely to whitelist or whatever it is called our SPF address or something so that readers and reviewers don’t have messages from the other editors going to SPAM. (Actually I’m no longner editor, I’m publisher now, woohoo, but these notification hassles are really causing problems. this is a major issue facing the new eeditors and they are n-o-t happy. When we hosted with Gossamer Threads, the solution was they set up a postmaster capability where I was able to issue email addresses such as (our DNS address is hosted at Bluehost as and that solved the problem. Editors were required to log in using those email addresses. Suddenly no readers or reviewers had spam rejections. We moved to PKP in early 2018 but they don’t have this capacity. So what is the solution? We urgently need a solution. It is causing major headaches.

I have a workaround for this and it goes like this:
1- In the users tab, choose the reviewer rule and search for all of them (set search result to 100 per page)

2- Copy the entire result as is to a text file, lets call it reviewers.txt (we will do some processing here).

3- Open the terminal and do the following:

cat reviewers.txt | tr ' ' '\n' | grep "@"

The command above will replace all the white spaces in the file with newlines, then it will print only the lines which have the “@” symbol which is what we want.

It works totally fine for me.