Send issue,article to another OJS when pushing publish button

Hi again from Hamburg,

I’m coder and i’m now working to send Issue and Article Data to another OJS.

My question is : Could I make a Form submit POST to send the hole Information to another OJS database ? and could someone show me how does it has to seem.

Regards and thanks in advance

already done…now i’m looking how to send the article text in xml.


If you are trying to migrate specific data (like published issues and articles) from one database to another just once, I would recommend trying the export tools OJS already has built in.

But if you are trying to store the same data on two databases at the same time, always, you can easily achieve that with external tools, like some script that keep the databases synchronized. It’s easier that way than hacking the OJS code.


Thanks for your advice.
I don’t even think about this possibility.