Selecting Issue ID for a Published Article

I’m using the following code from to select the IssueID for a publishedArticle object

$publishedArticleDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('PublishedArticleDAO');
$issueDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('issueDAO');
$article = $publishedArticleDao->getById($submissionId);
$issueId = $article->getIssueId();
$issue = $issueDao->getById($issueId);

However, I always get NULL for $issueId, even though the selected submission is published and assigned an issue. I’d appreciate all help on this issue.

What version of OJS are you using?

Im using OJS

Have you tried: $article = $publishedArticleDao->getByArticleId($submissionId);

That worked perfectly! Wonder why it didn’t select the IssueId when using $article = $publishedArticleDao->getById($submissionId);?

That looks like a bug in 3.1.2-1. It appears to be resolved in 3.1.2-2 via Fix incomplete fetch of published_submissions columns (leading to PHP warnings) · Issue #4907 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub


This is substantially refactored in 3.2, and I didn’t fully trace the code there.