Section Editors - only some can make decisions

We have the latest installation of OJS 3. It has come to my attention that only some of our Section Editors (which we renamed Associate Editors) have the ability to make direct decisions on a manuscript. This is our policy.

One Section Editor is only able to make recommendations to our Editor in Chief. This is an extra step in our workflow that should not be included.

The role is setup so that they can make decisions…

Hi @NadineWubbeling

Hmmm… I am not sure I understand the problem correctly: the role Associate Editors (based on Section Editors role) should be able to make decisions on a manuscript, but this is not always the case, correct?
Does the role Associate Editors have the option “This role is only allowed to recommend a review decision and will require an authorised editor to record a final decision.” selected (under users & roles > roles > edit the role)?
When those users are assigned to a submission as Associate Editors, is the option “This participant is only allowed to recommend an editorial decision and will require an authorised editor to record editorial decisions.” selected. For those already assigned you can see that only in the DB table stage_assignments, recommend_only column for that submission, user_group and user ID.
Those two are the places that define if a user can make decisions or not…


Thanks @bozana. I was able to figure out what was the problem. It was the button in the email that was ticked. I reinvited the editor and this worked.