Section Editor role questions

Dear all,

I have some questions regarding OJS compatibility with our workflow.


  1. we have a blind reviewing system but we don’t want the Section Editors to have any contact with the authors. So, we want the Section editors to lead the reviewing process, to recommend a decision but not to have the option to send the decision mail to the authors. Is this possible?

  2. If the Section Editor wants to add some write some lines to his publishing decision for the editor, where can he do so?

Thank you.

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HI @andpir55,

Regarding 1: I don’t understand how you handle the process without SE knowing the author. In theory, if SE doesn’t know the author, he/she can ask the author to be a reviewer, isn’t it?

Regarding 2: SE can use discussion and adds the editor to it.

Regards, Primož

Thank you for your answer.

Regarding 1: I didn’t explain myself well. My question is simply if we can take out the option for the section editor to send the decision e-mail to the author.

Additional point: I really don’t understand the following option in the definition of the role of section editor: “This role is only allowed to recommend a review decision and will require an authorised editor to record a final decision.” What does this option do?

Regarding 2: In the “Review Discussion” field the contact of the Journal Editor or the journal manager do not show up. Only the Section editor and authors. Can this be changed?