Section Editor Decision Option


I have created an option Journal Setting . (Section Editor Final Decision / Section Editor Recommendation) as radio button in admin

If the admin choose the first option then The Flow will be default .

If the admin choose second option .Then The Section editor decision will not be final . it(selected decision) will be shown seperately in the editor review page as Recommendation .

Currently both(editor and section editor ) the decisions are stored in edit_decisions table .

how to make this flow .


Hi @rajkumar,

How far have you gotten with this customization? Is there a particular spot you’re stuck?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear @rajkumar and @asmecher

The policies of our journal are that the Section Editor gives a recomandation based on the Reviewers opinion about the article and the Editor gives the final decision.

I´ve seen your coments about “Opinion Journal Setting (Section Editor Final Decision / Section Editor Recommendation)”, and this is exactly what we need.

How can we turn the decision of the Section Editor as a Recomendation and not as final decision?

We have the OJS 2.4.6

Thank you and best regards


Hello @RMF , @rajkumar,
Do you have any update on this topic?
This has become a huge problem in our journal.


I also want to customize the editor decision process as below.

I have implemented check boxes appropriately. Now, I am stuck on how to record each checked options.

Do you have any progress regarding this issue?

I guess to accomplish it we need to modify these files:

BACK-END: (record and update decision in database)

FRONT-END: (record and show decision in Section Editor and Author pages)

Hi @ihlasnobatovich,

We can’t guide in detail through customizations, but if you get stuck somewhere specific related to our code, we may be able to provide some guidance. Be careful that you don’t fork the software in a way that prevents you from upgrading, as that can become a significant maintenance problem.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team