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I’ve an issue and I’m struggling to fix it…

I’m using OJS and a child theme of HealthScicences.

In the search page, the URL adds an extra /search, disabling the DOI appearence.

You can compare:ício&authors=martins&dateFromYear=&dateFromMonth=&dateFromDay=&dateToYear=&dateToMonth=&dateToDay=ício&authors=martins&dateFromYear=&dateFromMonth=&dateFromDay=&dateToYear=&dateToMonth=&dateToDay=

In the 2nd example, the DOI is there, but not in the first example.

Another info: I’m using the KeywordCloud plugin, and when I click on a keyword from the could, the generated URL is similar to the second example (with only one “/search”) and the DOI appears as expected.

Where can I edit the URL of the “Search” item on navigation menu so that the DOI appears like it’s supposed to do?

Thank you very much!

Rui Pedro Silva

Hi @Rui_Pedro_Silva,

I’m not entirely sure about the search issues you’ve outlined, but just a heads up that the keyword cloud plugin has not been tested for OJS 3.3. A list of tested plugins for OJS 3.3 can be found here: OJS/OMP/OPS 3.3.0 plugin updates · Issue #6691 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

PKP Team

HI @Rui_Pedro_Silva, it looks like this is a bug in the Health Sciences theme. I’ve filed an issue at DOI does not appear in article summary on some search results pages · Issue #208 · pkp/healthSciences · GitHub. You can follow the progress there or if you’re a coder yourself you can provide the fix in a pull request.

Hi @rcgillis ! The keyword cloud plugin works fine on OJS3.3, and the results generated by it show the DOI; I believe the problem is in the URL that is generated by the search page in HealthSciences theme…

@NateWr , thank you very much! I’m not a coder (unfortunately… :slight_smile: ), I’m giving my first steps in OJS and php… I’ll keep up with the GiuHub issue. :slight_smile: