Search tool/search window placed on journals Archive page

An Editor of one of our journals have a request for some kind of search in their archived articles, like a searchbar visible on the Archive page. Is this possible, and how is it done?
I have looked around but have not found anything like that.

We use, OJS
Thanks for any suggestions or solutions!
Regards, Martina Ramstedt, Lund University Library

Hi @marram,

I’m not sure what you mean. For the default theme or a derivate of it, the search function is always there (also on the archives page). I’m also not sure whether a search only in the back issues/archived articles makes sense.

Hi @mpbraendle , and thanks for the response.
The journal thinks the overall search that is placed in the upper right corner (which I have pointed out to them) is misleading/too invisible, and wants one larger that is on top of their Archives page. This journal has a lot of issues in their archive, several pages of articles, so I can understand their concern also.

I guess this is not included/pre-set in any of the existing themes, but can it be done with some layout changes, to include it? Working with the themes or CSS is not my area, so I´m just asking for some input if it can be done so I can find out more and advice the journal how to possibly solve it.

Thank you in advance, regards Martina