Search functionality - accented characters

Is it possible to modify the search functionality such that: á and a or ü and u would be considered the same?

This would be advantageous as there are numerous surnames which have them and some journal users are unfamiliar with typing these on a keyboard. I am aware that using the wildcard * will do some of the task but if there were some options I am missing that would be great.

I came across an outdated plugin that added a google site search and stumbled across some docs relating to Lucene / Solr though not sure if this is relevant / customizable.

Hi @pob_mcc,

I’d suggest getting familiar with Lucene/Solr; there’s a lot more capability in its search features. I don’t know specifically whether it’ll do what you want but there’s a rich community around it and that’s likely a solved problem.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for the reply Alec, it’s good to be guided in a direction before spending rakes of time investigating.

Already, it’s looking promising. Many thanks.

Hi @pob_mcc ,
As part of the optimization of external search support for OJS, the PKP Technical Committee is looking for use cases and relevant experience with the Lucene/Solr plugin for OJS.

GitHub - ojsde/lucene: Plugin for Solr/Lucene support in OJS. or via Plugin-Gallery

If you are interested in sharing requirements, user experiences and use cases, please feel free to contact me. We are going to organize a meeting with all the interested parties.

Dulip Withanage