Search by Authors' names

In OJ 2.4.8, is it possible to search by author name only? I.e. kinda like the Authors search scope but removing the Bio from the text to search.

From what I gathered from looking at the article_search_keyword_list, article_search_objects and article_search_object_keywords tables, both the author names and bios are part of the same “type” so I guess my only options would be to either change the indexing system and remove the Bio data currently in the tables or to make a custom query myself, is that right?


Hi @pedro,

I think you’ve read the current state of the internal search engine correctly. One other option, besides the ones you’ve specified, would be to use the Lucene search engine plugin, if your server can support that service – I believe it’s quite a bit more flexible.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team