SCSS files in theme

Hi guys,

sorry for a dummy question. I found that in the omp 3.1 is a SCSS compiler (leafo/scssphp). Our company is changing it’s visual style and all styles are in SASS, so I want to recreate out theme in OMP 3 and later in OJS 3 to use just only SCSS files.

My question is: How to do it? :slight_smile: I tried to just import *.scss file into index.less file in our theme directory but this didn’t work. Obviously. Could you help mi with basic setup for theme to use *.scss, please?

Thank you very much for every help.
Best Regards,

I don’t know exactly about OMP 3.1, but I’ve tried to to the same for OJS 3.1. If this library is shared, you can use this code, but it wasn’t fully completed and revised:

I think the easiest approach is to compile SASS on the development stage, e.g., with Gulp task:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: it looks perfectly what I want :slight_smile:
I’ll try it.