Save or schedule reviewer invitations in "add reviewer"

One of our section editors has suggested the following feature request:

One major help would be, if we could invite a number of reviewers at the same time, listing them in the order in which they will be called. Only the first two will be called, but then if they decline or their deadline is up (and they have not answered reminders), the next on the list will be contacted.

This will save some time, as often when an editor is looking for reviewers, one finds several options. If instead one has to go back again and try to remember the possible reviewers or search further, it is basically starting all over again. Of course preparing for further people to be called may be unnecessary work, of those called earlier accepts, but all in all, this additional work is less that when one has to go back and re-open a case again and again.

Journal: GEUS Bulletin, running OJS 3.x