Safari and Mozilla Firefox not displaying Unassigned, Archived and All Active

While chrome displays correctly the articles that are in My Queue, Unassigned, All active and archived, only the items under MyQueue are displayed in Safari, while the Unassigned and My Queue show up on Firefox after upgrading to version


Error message in Safari:

[Error] Failed to load resource: cannot parse response (_submissions, line 0)
and if you follow the link the items are there but the file stops abruptly before its end

Error message in Firefox:

Cookie “OJSSIID” has been rejected because it is already expired.


Can you clear browsers’ cache and check if the problem persists?

Done that in both browsers - multiple times. It was my initial idea but the problem persists.
For firefox I cleared the cache and browsing history and for Safari the normal cache and the Java cache

Hmm, what about session cookies? Its default name in the config for session_cookie_name is OJSSID but according to the Firefox message the name is different. Just here wondering why it was changed.

Can you inspect this cookie expire time in all 3 browsers? Firefox apparently says that it’s expired but worth double-check this in others as well. The easiest way to check them is through browsers’ tools for developers. E.g., for Chrome ctrl + shift + i → application tab → Cookies (under storage).

Regarding the error from Safari, can you check the response and the request in more detail. I didn’t work with Safari before, so don’t know about its debugging capabilities. Look for request that fails (status other than 200), its response headers. Probably Safari is unable to parse the response because of expired or maybe invalid cookie info in the headers. In Chrome this information is available in the inspect tool (ctrl + shift + i → network tab → find the correspondent request in the list).

An an example request to the submission list ...index.php/psp/submissions with
status code 200
Response headers:

  1. cache-control: no-store
  2. content-encoding: gzip
  3. content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8
  4. date: [date when response was received]
  5. server: nginx
  6. set-cookie: OJSSID=[cookie unique key here]; expires=[expire date here]; Max-Age=2592000; path=/; domain=[domain name here]

An example of a request to retrieve submissions to be displayed under All Active tab

URL: ...index.php/psp/api/v1/_submissions?status=1&searchPhrase=&count=30&offset=0&_=1629035418538
Status Code: 200

Response Headers:

  1. Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
  2. Connection: close
  3. Content-Length: 271217
  4. Content-Type: application/json
  5. Date: [date here]
  6. Set-Cookie: OJSSID=[unique key here]; expires=[expire date here]; Max-Age=2592000; path=/

Response’s body is a valid JSON that contains information about each requested submission, like {"itemsMax":13,"items":[{...