RSS feed contains declined papers

We are using OJS and have just noticed that a journal we support had set their web feed plugin to display 1000 results. This resulted in older and declined papers entering the feed.

The most recent issue for this journal only had 2 papers so changing the feed settings to ‘Display items in current published issue’ fixed this.

We are about to upgrade to and wanted to check if this issue has been raised before.


Hi @Max_Sullivan,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re going to look into this and we’ll get back to you.

Best regards,

PKP Team

No problem @rcgillis.

Unfortunately the journal was being harvested into a discipline repository over RSS.

We’ve tested this on version and been able to reproduce the problem.

If you need any more information let me know.


Hi @Max_Sullivan,

That’s unfortunate.

It looks like there was a fix for this a little while back: WebFeed plugin missing restriction to published content · Issue #6620 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

It’s possible that you’re using a version of the plugin that doesn’t have this fix. Can you verify which version of the web feed plugin you’re using?

PKP Team

The version of the WebFeed plugin on our production system ( Version is release of the plugin.

Our development system is running OJS and also has release

Is there a more recent version of the plugin available?

Hi @Max_Sullivan,

My mistake - the WebFeed plugin ships with OJS as part of plugins/generic so if you’re working with 3.3.0-6, you should have the most current version. It’s puzzling to me that I couldn’t replicate the issue when I tested it with 3.3.0-6 too. I’m going to flag this with our developers and see if they can look into this further.

PKP Team

Hi everyone,

This was the commit that fixed this in 3.2.1:

Can you confirm that this exists in your own installation?


Hi @rcgillis & @jnugent

Yes I can see this commit in our site. I stupidly tested this error in a journal that was being prepared but had not been published. I was not able to repeat it in a published journal. Sorry for raising a false alarm.

We’ll upgrade to asap.


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